Shirt/Sweater Box

Cedar Storage Boxes & Drawer Dividers

We offer a variety of drawer dividers and storage boxes to help you organize any dresser or closet space Drawer dividers are a great way to organize socks, ties, belts, sweaters, shirts, or more. Add a touch of style, simplicity, and easy access to your wardrobe with our array of styles and sizes to fit all your needs. Be sure to consider our collection of cedar tie and belt racks for more closet organization solutions.

TableLegsMD.com offers the full line of clothes storage boxes from Richelieu, Woodlore, and Hafele at competitive pricing. Choose a number of styles, sizes, and configurations to help you complete any drawer, closet, wardrobe, or laundry room. We also offer quick shipping on a large selection of cedar storage accessories to help keep all your clothes fresh and protected no matter how you store them.