Cedar Spray

Woodlore Cedar and Lavender Closet Accessories

Cedar and lavender closet accessories are perfect for any closet, laundry room, coat closet, or mud room. Cedar with lavender protects from insects, eliminates odors, and helps absorb moisture in drawers or closets. We offer aromatic sprays, hangers, drawer liners, blocks, and satchets all dedicated to helping freshen and protect clothes. Be sure to visit our full selection of cedar closet accessories to help finish any room or closet.

Our selection of Woodlore closet accessories comes to you with competitive pricing to help you finish any remodeling or new closet project. We know just how important items in a closet can be, and our products are designed to help you protect and prolong the life of all your clothes and footwear. TableLegsMD.com is your home for all cedar closet products including a complete line of cedar hangers in a variety of styles.